About MSTQ

We design for outcomes, not just deliverables.

Let's face it, design is being held hostage by the 20th century. So we founded MSTQ on a vision to set it free. An abbreviation of the arabic word Mustaqbal (مستقبل), meaning Future, the name MSTQ is derived from our audacious mission: empower forward-thinking companies with design to create a better future.

Design is about people,
not technology.

Our process is device and industry agnostic. The one thing that never changes for each project is our commitment to designing positive outcomes for the real people that use what we make.

What we do.


Design for well-being.

We’ve seen the power that design has in shaping behavior, and we use it to cultivate well-being and enhance the human condition. That's our first priority.


Provide a vision into the future of your product and market.

We answer questions like “what does the future of my industry look like?” We combine our exposure to many different industries and emerging technologies with our unique design methods and techniques to project a vision of the ideal future for your customer.


Design for a small margin for error.

Great design is essential when the stakes are high, or there are consequences for your users' mistakes. We’ve designed products that have been used in life or death situations; products that a user’s business depends on; products used by people with disabilities.


Break apart complexity.

It’s hard to find a group that can very quickly learn the nuances of your industry, like regulations, laws, vocabulary, and processes. We’ve designed products from scratch that are used daily by day traders, healthcare providers, bankruptcy attorneys, insurance distributors, MLM consultants, and transportation dispatchers.


Full product-lifecycle management.

We're design only, by design. But we can't accomplish our mission of designing products that create a positive future if we can't bring our solutions to the world. We provide our product management expertise to help you execute too.