About MSTQ

Est. 2016

We are architects for the digital age.

Place and culture matter to us. Based in Chicago, we believe some of the greatest architectural and movements have originated in this city over the decades. Architecture for the digital age is the next. And so, we're quietly building a design studio to lead the movement.

Designing for tomorrow

Led by Yazin Akkawi, one of Chicago’s emerging digital professionals, the studio is staffed with thought leaders in human-centered design and innovation.

Together, we are driven by an audacious vision: to shape the future by empowering organizations to design transformative technologies and move the human race forward.

Our modern design approach is purpose-driven, focusing on the people we're designing for. It is industry, platform and device agnostic which allows us to design for emerging spaces and techonolgies. It is built upon a process that builds a case around human behavior to define and solve a problems for real people. Leveraging our 3 core competencies, we thrive in crafting new market offerings that sit at the forefront of the industry.


Strategic Foresight

Like traditional architecture, every successful project mandates a strategic planning phase. Our strategic efforts incorporate industry pioneering frameworks with senior guidance integrated by Jim Jacoby and the ADMCi network. We define opportunities with real, big picture insights on the end users, emerging technologies and our clients' business.


• Opportunity Canvas
• User Research + Usability Testing
• Heuristic Evaluation
• Scenario Planning + User Profiles
• Messaging + Core Value Proposition
• Brand Identity
• Product Roadmapping


Experience Design

Through a process of testing, iteration and prototyping, we design interfaces that bring joy to people while allowing them to get things done. We define forward-thinking frameworks to craft navigation solutions, organizational schemes for information, on-screen visual mechanisms, and other affordances to make an interface meaningful and enjoyable. Our design practice is grounded in 5 Key Tenets of Usability:


Determining what actions are possible and the current state of the application.


Clear controls, and the relationship between the controls and their actions are understood.


Always providing information about the results of actions and the current state.


Providing all the information needed to have an understanding of the system or a feeling of control.


Logical, semantic and cultural information to guide a user's actions or ease interpretation.


Product Execution

In every project engagement is a critical moment where our product vision comes to fruition. Our value extends to engineering end-to-end technologies for established or emerging platforms. We develop custom software that responds to business needs by making engineering a fundamental part of our design process. Whether it's providing sophisticated design documentation for engineering handoff or developing the product ourselves, we see the entire product development cycle through.


• iOS Mobile + Tablet
• Android Mobile + Tablet
• Responsive Web
• Apple TV
• Amazon Echo
• In-Store Interactive Displays
• Chat Bots + Facebook Messenger